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Gas Pipe Relocation

Gas Fittings / Gas Burners

MPD Plumbing and Heating installs natural gas pipes and lines for both commercial and residential services. We work with homeowners, and business like restaurants office buildings and apartment complexes. We run gas lines in or around your property. Replacing your propane gas grill and outdoor appliance is a must. Converting your kitchen appliance to natural gas is very popular these days. Our gas installations are safe; we meet or exceed all plumbing codes. Our gas certified team is up to date with state and local codes. We take the time to educate our team each year. Gas pipe installation and repair for the South Shoree; Weymouth, Hingham, Hanover, Cohasset, Scituate, Norwell, Marshfield, Quincy, MA

Gas Pipe Repair, Commercial & Residential

Mother Nature takes a toll on underground gas pipes. Moisture, humidity and earth movement or just plain age of the gas pipes can cause problems. A problematic gas pipe can be dangerous. We recommend checking your gas pipes and lines each spring and fall.

Reposition, Relocate Gas Pipes

Reposition or relocating gas pipes and lines in and around your property. Do a remodel or renovation? Call MPD Plumbing and heating for a qualified gas pipe installer. We also work with builders in the south shore as their gas pipe expert. Plumbing Service

Gas Leak Inspection

If you suspect a gas leak get everyone out of the house and dial 911

Things to consider if the smell of gas is faint. Get everyone out of the house. Call your local gas plumber. Check your gas appliances and make sure they are off. You can use soapy water and apply to the gas pipe to check for a leak. If you feel it's safe to do so turn you gas main off. If the gas odor is strong, just get away from the property and dial 911.

PROMOTION - Combine an oil to gas conversion and a boiler installation and save money on entire installation

** GAS HEAT & BOILER REBATES get up to $1,500 - add an indirect water heater for a additional $400.00. Rebates available for Massachusetts residents from Gas Network
** GAS BOILER REBATES get up to $4,000 - Rebate for boilers over 30 years old from gas network.
** COMMERCIAL REBATES get up to $10,000 - Commercial Heating and Restaurant Rebates from Mass Save & Gas Networks

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  • One of the most informative and knowledgeable plumbing companies on the South Shore I have ever used. I would recommend you to my friends, Scituate, MA
  • Thank you for your help with the Gas Network rebate form. Got the check for $1,500.00.- Kathey, Cohasset, MA
  • Expertly and efficiently repaired a Buderus boiler. Took initiative to inspect the rest of the plumbing. Made valuable suggestions that would save money and energy. Jamie, Weymouth, MA
  • The water and gas pipes are truly a work of art. Efficiently completed a whole house project. Punctual and professional every day. - Elizebeth, Hingham, MA
MPD Plumbing relocate, install & repair natural gas pipes and lines for both commercial and residential. Master plumber Scituate, Cohasset, Norwell, Marshfield, MA
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